Eitzel, Mark - Don't Be A Stranger LP

$ 19.00

NEW. MERGE RECORDS. After a string of bad luck that included a heart attack that set him back several months and the implosion of his band AMERICAN MUSIC CLUB, MARK EITZEL fortuitously found himself in the studio with celebrated producer SHELDON GOMBERG (Rickie Lee Jones, Ron Sexsmith, Ben Harper), thanks to the generosity of an old friend. The result is Eitzel’s finest solo album in over a decade. Inspired by his experience writing a musical, Mark’s songwriting is simpler on this record and lyrically reflects a more straight-ahead approach. There is a haunted quality to tracks like “I Love You But You’re Dead” (a song based on seeing the punk band Destroy All Monsters) and “The Bill Is Due,” which are about broken promises, leftover people, the desperation one feels when time and cash are running out, and ultimately, the feeling of not knowing what comes next. “Break the Champagne” and “Nowhere to Run” were written in a fit of creativity just days before the album was completed. Mark plans to tour the US in late 2012 with his band MARK EITZEL’S WARM GENTLE RAIN, whose members include KRISTIN SOBDITCH (LITTLE FUZZY), MARC CAPELLE (American Music Club), JON LANGMEAD (LOQUAT), and PETE STRAUS (DWARVES).