Druid Perfume - Tin Boat To Tuna Town LP

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NEW. BUMBO RECORDS. Druid Perfume / Tin Boat To Tuna Town
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“There is a stock scene in movies set in colonized countries in the '60s and 70s: A journalist or adventurer or doctor or spy, fresh in the country, goes from plane to taxi cab. The cab swerves through the city, stealing space from bicycles, scooters, buses, and donkey carts. People dodge the car, the car dodges animals. Tires groove into mud and dung, hit concrete and lurch forward. Lights crackle and explode from black & white to color to blindness. Now make music out of that visual. Imagine horns lurching forward like an elephant drunk on palm wine. Guitars slither asp-like and sting. Over a tight flash of a rhythm section barks the town seer. This is how I hear Tin Boat to Tuna Town, the second album by DRUID PERFUME. A couple years ago, this Detroit five piece released a stunning debut on PIGS, followed by three killer 45s on the X! and Italy Records label. All were snatched up and raved about. I am sure the same excitement will meet Tin Boat to Tuna Town, their best record yet. Members of Druid Perfume have served time in the much acclaimed PIRHANAS and other outfits including a short stint with rock & roll legend KIM FOWLEY, which sounds about right. They've played a bunch of shows in the past and are hitting parts of the US right now. Check them out, buy Tin Boat to Tuna Town. There's no band around like them.”—Scott Soriano, July 2010