Drugs Dragons - The Milorganight 12"

$ 11.00

NEW. DUSTY MEDICAL RECORDS. Rock'n'roll is an elusive beast; only a small percentage of those who attempt to harness it can even come close. Rock isn't about selling out Madison Square Garden, it's about getting a room full of people to believe in what you're doing; to subscribe to your version of the gospel. The truly amazing thing about Milwaukee, WI's Drugs Dragons is how close they come to distilling the essence of "rock" into a recording. Live, they're intense and unpredictable. Sweat, blood, and beer appear in equal measure at their shows, and, like all good rock bands, volume is a necessary ingredient. Astoundingly, "The Milorganight EP" is easily the equal of their live performance, capturing the energy and vitriol of vocalist Puke Drugs' sweaty snarl, as well as guitarist Tony Sagger's chunky chording and the on-the-edge rhythm section of bassist Zorach Dragons and drummer Erroric Mildew. Drugs Dragons formed in spring 2009 from the remnants of Milwaukee's beloved Night Terrors. Although their stated influences range from early Alice Cooper, the Cramps and the Dead Boys to such modern icons as Clone Defects and the A-Frames, Drugs Dragons have forged their own path among the two million or so bands currently active. They're not interested in climbing the charts; they want to get in your face. And this record will do exactly that. Coming fresh off the release of their Dusty Medical Records' debut (following a pair of 7" releases on their own Terror Trash label) this EP is set to take the band to the next level, whatever that may be. Recorded by fellow Milwaukeean Josh Busnelli (who has also worked with The Midwest Beat and Sticks N Stones), "The Milorganight EP" will no doubt be the soundtrack to many a party, and many a nightmare, for years to come.