Dirt Dress - Dlvnvn LP

$ 13.00

LA WEEKLY: Dirt Dress have been soldiering through L.A.'s DIY scene for some years now, but their new record Donde la Vida No Vale Nada, out on Recess and Burger€” is a helluva leap upward and forward,and who knows what other unexpected directions?Like The Fall's Mark E. Smith famously said, "If you're gonna play it out of tune, play it out of tune properly." And so Dirt Dress delivers ferociously discordant post-punk-pounders,somewhat like The Fall, Swell Maps, The Adverts orthe mighty Australian X. You'll even hear a bit of The Minutemen rattling around in here. ("Shit Froman Old Notebook" spirit; "Political Song"intensity.) This is a band cut to its barest roots: guitar, drums, bass and a lot of sharppoints. Would it be too much if we told you to digit? — By Chris Ziegler