Digger And The Pussycats - DIY - New LP
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Digger And The Pussycats - DIY - New LP

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The two cats from the Oz do it to us again, this time on their own with two long grooves on each side of this new longplaying gemstone that are cut into ten awesome chunks of genuine DIGGER Garage Rock'n'Roll to chew your mouths off on. While the former record dealt a lot with rocked-down backs and hospital beds, this one is about still going on with a chosen lifestyle and all its highs and lows.
Starting off with the fast broken love overture ''Never looked the same'' and telling us how some things never change, they turn to the honest guilty plea in ''Dirtbag'' before taking it off in the shaking IGGY&THE STOOGES ''Raw Power''-era styled ''Chinatown'', rocking and rolling in the simple and brilliant ''A-holic'', a Rock'n'Roll attack of sex, booze and drugs, before closing this groove with the catchy poverty serenade ''Breadline''.
New groove, same story! ''What's it to you'' is the answer to selling out to a more mellow life, in the snappy stomper ''Red hair'' they're telling us about how they got on the lost Punkrock-Highway in high school they turn to their melodic mid-tempo sound in ''Bobby Fisher Blues'' and the Überhit ''My famous friends'' before ending with the conclusion of what it is all about: ''All my friends are having babies'' they're buying houses and Mercedes!
This punky Distortion-Fest about keeping keeping-on only leaves one answer: There's no quitting! No surrender! It's not over yet for DIGGER & THE PUSSY CATS

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