Devour - s/t LP

$ 4.00

NEW. SORRY STATE RECORDS. Raleigh, North Carolina's Devour were born from the ashes of Cross Laws,
but rather than simply picking up where that band left off, the
remaining members expanded to a 5-piece and followed the long southern
tradition of adding traces of metal into our hardcore. What emerged was
a record that is remarkably dense and complex, recalling the very best
of the mid-80s trend of hardcore bands "going metal;" think Corrosion of
Conformity's Animosity LP, Final Conflict's Ashes to Ashes and Septic
Death's Need So Much Attention. There's also a heavy Japanese influence;
people who have seen Devour live have compared them to Judgment, Lip
Cream and Bastard, a connection only made clearer by this record's
astonishingly heavy and powerful recording. In a scene where so many
bands simply want to replicate something that has already happened,
Devour sound remarkably fresh and progressive, and without losing a
single thing you loved about hardcore in the first place. Also includes
a pro-pressed CD version of the album, a 24x24 poster, a custom
spot-varnish finish on the jackets