Derby Dolls - Extreme Probleme LP

$ 12.00

NEW. ERSTE THEKE TONTRAGER "Exactly 30 years ago (in June 1981) the German NDW band NICHTS released their first LP "Made in Eile" on the independent record label Schallmauer-Records. With it they produced one of the earliest and most important NDW records, directly compared to "big names" like IDEAL and NEON BABIES... Already one year later the major label WEA signed them.
Now it's that time again where a young German band with NDW punk roots releases an awesome hit record! After two split EPs here's finally a full length album from Tübingen's 4 head Powerpop/NDW Combo. 10 Songs between NICHTS, HANS-A-PLAST and BUZZCOCKS, sounding like the No Fun and Schallmauer Records stuff from the early 1980s. The mixed German/English lyrics shuttle between life doubts, adapted subjects and people on the go, always with an irresistible and beat-twitching tendency to drag you to the dancefloor. The weighty female lead vocal of Helen totally reminds you of NICHTS singer Andrea Mothes. Now come and check it out yourself right now!