Defect Defect/Daylight Robbery/Foreign Objects- One Sided 12"

$ 11.00

NEW. DIRT CULT RECORDS. "Literally, years in the making, this amazing record is finally seeing the light of day! This one-sided 12"; features two songs each of my three favorite bands in punk rock today. Defect Defect has been around for ages, but really hit their stride with their debut full length released last year by Residue Records. Old school punk featuring members of all your favorite PDX punk bands like The Observers, Austistic Youth, The Minds, etc. As an added bonus, this record features my all time favorite song by the band, People My Age. Daylight Robbery is a great Chicago band that sounds like a modern day X (Los Angeles) without the blues. Foreign Objects should be farmiliar to those of you who have picked up past Dirt Cult Releases. Female fronted punk rock, like Kathlene Hannah fronting Black Flag." - Dirt Cult Records