Day Creeper - Blah 7"

$ 2.00

NEW. TIC TAC TOTALLY RECORDS. You may already know Day Creeper from Randy Records' "New Kids On The Block" 7" comp (2009) or split 7" with Night Of Pleasure (2008). "Blah!" is the band's first 7", showcasing 4 select cuts of "rock-leaning-punk" gleaned from Aaron Troyer and Laura B's stockpile of recordings. Rock peppered with cheese-free pop kernels. Plus, a super crisp recording delivers "Blah!" from that old reverb-drunk-tank and let's Aaron's lyrics do their thing. One song on this record (Women of Age) can be heard on TTT's label sampler for a quick taste. Anticipate a ltd. LP of killer shit too (due out spring 2011 and also on ye olde Tic Tac Totally).