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Culture of Killing, A -  The Feast Of Vultures, The Cry of a Dove [IMPORT PREORDER] – New LP
Drunken Sailor Records

Culture of Killing, A - The Feast Of Vultures, The Cry of a Dove [IMPORT PREORDER] – New LP

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PREORDER for the latest from Drunken Sailor (UK) available now on the Green Noise webstore!!!  Shipping early December 2020. The second album from a Culture of Killing!!!  Drunken Sailor released their (originally cassette-only) debut on vinyl earlier this year, and it sold out quickly.  If you didn't get that, grap this one. Thanks again to Drunken Sailor Records for sending Green Noise copies so you folks could get yours in the States (without having to pay all the shipping costs in the era of COVID) and thanks to this Italian band for fighting the fight and making the music on this album, blending 1980s ingredients of likely influences such as the Cure, Crass, and the Clash, elements of the influences mashed under mortar and pestle.  As the title suggests, anarcho peace punk focusing on the contrasts of light and darkness, hurt and help, the dark tone of the lead vocals contrasted and/or echoed with a female voice, the bassline the heartbeat that keeps it moving like a mob procession, the drums keeping it stepping forward, guitars chipping away like stone on flint, sparking in the dark, coming out of the darkness but moonlight shining on a dove released into the night, the moonlight sparking on a steel shank freshly sharpened out of the necessity of the times, time taken to make sure it's sharp enough to pierce thick skin, and rough enough so you feel it..  -- winch (green noise records)

"Sonically...somewhere between the gothed-out territory marked out by The Cure and Siouxsie...A Feast of Vultures is the title of Josy Josef’s dissection of money and corruption in India’s modern democracy; the dove is of a symbol of peace. So now we’re up to speed, it makes perfect sense that the title of these Italian peace punks’ second offering should pull from the two threads. Like their self-titled record, this was originally released on cassette before getting a vinyl from Drunken Sailor, and it certainly deserves to be heard by as many ears as possible.  You’ll be able to hear the ominous rumble of anarcho forebears The Mob and Crass (circa ‘Penis Envy’, thanks to its serrated chords) in A Culture Of Killing’s addictive sonic assault, although these songs also stroll through through dark forests previously trodden by The Cure at their most morose. In fact, you’ll find yourself suckered by an emotional pull that gives these songs something lasting alongside their noticeably energetic rumble. Writing about their first record, I advised you to press play and thrill forever, adding that anyone who doesn’t is a fucking cop. This time I’ll go further: it’s never been clearer that democracy is broken. Look at how the wheels were set in motion to get actual fascism into power over the last few years; think about the resistance to structural change from those who benefit from power and oppression. Things are fucked right now. And no, a record isn’t gonna change any of that, but none of us ever believed that’s what music would do, right? The important thing is it propagates the ideas. It keeps us talking. It reminds us to believe that we’re capable of better. OK, you might not call the ethereal gloom of ‘The Toast of Despair’ a kick-ass soundtrack to all this, and you may struggle to dance to cuts like ‘Promised World’. But dammit, this is an album that’ll amplify your hope while etching glacially beautiful sounds and furious rhythms on your psyche, and if that’s not worth celebrating then I dunno what is. And just to reiterate, anyone who doesn’t get on board is a fucking cop." Will Fitzpatrick.

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