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Cry Babies - S/T [Brazil 1969; UK Import] - New LP
Cry Babies - S/T [Brazil 1969; UK Import] - New LP
Cry Babies - S/T [Brazil 1969; UK Import] - New LP
Cry Babies - S/T [Brazil 1969; UK Import] - New LP
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Cry Babies - S/T [Brazil 1969; UK Import] - New LP

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Jazz-funk affair from Brazil 1969, opening with female vocals on the Isley Brothers' number, the rest instrumental, more East Bay funk than Brazil, Sly Stone an influence and headed toward Tower of Power, as much Chicago as Ohio, even covering CTA's 1969 "Question 67/68," electric guitar and organ getting some spotlight but the horn players really take control, clearly the 1960s but headed toward the 1970s, jumping from the gate with then-recent songs by Isley Brothers and Kool and the Gang before mixing tempos on various selections, notching up the funk on several cuts, the version of Willie Bobo's 1967 "Caminhos Siabólicos" (Evil Ways) by guitarist Clarence A. Henry (not J. Zack as the credits show--that was a different "Evil Ways") coming out the same year as the Santana version, the fuzz acid-rock guitar especially pronounced on the cut, the album concluding with an almost unrecognizable "Good Golly Miss Molly." The Latin element can be heard (how can it not when you cover Willie Bobo), but this often sounds more--but not exactly--like a band from the States. This is a varied affair, but it houses plenty of strong cuts will likely interest fans of the horn-heavy funk of this specific era (1968 - 1973). -- winch (green noise)

Cry Babies’ self-titled debut album from 1969. An early formation of Brazilian funk greats Banda Black Rio, Cry Babies took inspiration from the iconic US soul records of James Brown, The Isley Brothers and Kool & The Gang, all of whom are covered on their first and only album. Pioneering Brazil’s funk fascination, Cry Babies paved the way for the likes of Jorge Ben, Dom Salvador, Trio Mocotó and Azymuth: with fat funky drum breaks, big round bass, touches of psychedelic Brazilian surf, and the kind of hazy soulful arrangements that could only emerge from Rio de Janeiro.

Produced by one of Brazil’s most prolific musical minds, Durval Ferreira - whose song writing and production credits also include Sergio Mendes, Deodato, Emilio Santiago, Ed Lincoln, Joao Bosco, Quarteto Em Cy and Dila - the Cry Babies sound, while distinctly North American in influence, carries all the sunshine warmth of the samba jazz and bossa nova records that were coming out of Brazil at the time.

With saxophonist Oberdan Magalhães responsible for the album’s arrangements, it’s no surprise that when Warner Music established themselves in Brazil in the mid-seventies, Magalhães was the man they asked to form a group (Banda Black Rio) to develop this new merging of stateside soul and Brazilian influences. Yet while Banda Black Rio’s tight, groove-heavy sound has awarded them cult status amongst lovers of instrumental Brazilian music, their first formation as Cry Babies is a lesser-known story. Since its first and only release, the original record has remained impossibly expensive and hard to find.

Set for its first ever vinyl reissue, Cry Babies has been remastered and pressed to 180g vinyl, with a high-quality replica sleeve.

released January 31, 2020

Producer - Durval Ferreira
Coordinator - Nelson Attílio
Saxophone, Arrangements - Oberdan
Bass - Oswaldo
Congas - Carioca
Drums - Luiź Carlos
Guitar - Ovid
Organ - Sérgio Carvalho
Piano - Moacir
Trombone - Serginho
Trumpet - Paulinho
Vocals - Aldo, Rosana
Artwork - Mibielli


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