Cramps, The - Bad Music for Bad People - Used LP
Cramps, The - Bad Music for Bad People - Used LP
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Cramps, The - Bad Music for Bad People - Used LP

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First edition issued with no barcode on the back cover and stating Printed in the U.S. of A. on the spine; etched in dead wax are the words "OFF THE BONE" 


SLEEVE: G+: tons of wear, nothing too extreme, one small seam split in spine. (photo is not actual photo of this copy)
VINYL: G+: tons of wear, nothing too extreme, one scratch can be felt and clearly heard at the end of side one (second half of "She Said") but doesn't skip on my table...noise showing between all songs

“album of songs from their earlier records, as well as a variety of B-sides and covers. If there is one record that best represents the legendary Cramps at the height of their power, it has to be this one.”

While the Cramps offered asound in sharp contrast to most music of the early 80s, they didn’t just build us a bridge to a better future, they also gave us a time tunnel to the  past, to the pre-Beatles world of American music.  On this album alone, they offered versions of a half dozen songs from the late 50s and early 60s...fueled with the past, they blasted off to the future...this was the Cramps revved up and ready to roll. "Love Me" was written by M. Lott and originally a 1960 single for the Phantom. "I Can't Hardly Stand It" is a 1956 Charlie Feathers single. "She Said" is a 1964 single by Hasil Adkins. "Goo Goo Muck" is a 1965 single by Ronnie Cook And The Gaylads "Save it" is a 1959 single by Mel Robbins (aka Hargus Melvin "Pig" Robbins) "Uranium Rock" is a 1950s Sun recording by Warren Smith but I don't know when this was released.” - winch (green noise)


Bryan Gregory was from Detroit.

Lux and Nick Knox were from Ohio.

Poison Ivy and Congo Powers were from California.

"Off the Bone" etched in the dead wax was the name of a 1983 album released in the UK, sort of a mix of this album and Gravest Hits.  




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