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Sellwoods, The -  Eight Great Shakers [IMPORT] – New 10"
Sellwoods, The -  Eight Great Shakers [IMPORT] – New 10"
Chaputa! Records

Sellwoods, The - Eight Great Shakers [IMPORT] – New 10"

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THE SELLWOODS (Portland, Oregon, USA) are back with their second CHAPUTA! release, EIGHT GREAT SHAKERS! This 8-song 10″EP is guaranteed to get your hips shakin’ and your bones breakin’! EIGHT GREAT SHAKERS delivers the GO-GO ACTION every 60’s cavepunker craves! A MUST HAVE for any house-rockin’ party! IMPRESS YOUR FRIENDS with what a highly intellectual garage punk band really sounds like, with songs like, Stay Away Papers and Drunken Noodle (in your pants)! Every track on this record is hotter than a pocket full-o-firecrackers--YOWSA!! So… ABRACADABRA! You are now unable to resist the urge and will purchase this record NOW!!!

Peter Peepers, Bottoms Up Magazine (January 2020)

Track List:
1. Drunken Noodle (in your pants)
2. Toot
3. Dizziness
4. Stay Away Papers

5. Hot Pants
6. That’s The Way My Love Is
7. And I Know
8. Doin’ Me In

released January 24, 2020

Matt “The Blind Baron” Diehl (guitar, vocals)
Melissa “The Baroness” Rose (drums, vocals)
June “Snakebite” Berkham (keyboard, vocals)
James “Count Bass” Dunko (bass, vocals)

Recorded down in the basement on Reel to Reel by Dave Berkham.
Songs 1-5 recorded Feb. 2019.
Songs 6-8 recorded Feb. 2017, featuring Bobby “Viking” Rispler on bass.
Dave Berkham on harmonica on song 5.
Mixed and mastered by Kirk Larsen at Fetish Pop Studio, Portland OR, USA.
Artwork: Rui Ricardo, Porto, Portugal

A mix of vocal and instrumental cuts, surf and hot-rod garage rock and creature-feature monster stomp, garage punk rock clearly spawned from that beautiful beast that rose from the garages, drives-ins, dives, and graveyards of circa 1958 - 1966, hot rod rumbling up to the double feature, crackling like drive-in speakers at the creature feature,  primitive rhythms crunching like beer cans on a basement floor!  -- winch (green noise)


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