Cocktailbar Stannheim - s/t LP
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Cocktailbar Stannheim - s/t LP

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NEW. P TRASH RECORDS. These two trashcan-shakers were already spilling their rot-gut Punkrock as BUD WHITE on the KILLED BY TRASH Vol.2 Compilation and now decided to open up the COCKTAILBAR STAMMHEIM for everybody who doesn't want to sip that fancy-schmancy hipster sound through a narrow-minded straw anymore.
These 14 songs are as honest as Asbach and Cola with which you flush down the ugliness of a sheeple society drinking Wodka and Red Bull and running for another season of Big Brother on RTL 2.
Two guitars, two feet stomping on the drums and the love for the WIPERS are the base for the Bar in which these fine German songs are shaken and stirred in the best KOMMANDO BLUMEN AM ANGESCHISSENEN ARSCH VON OMA HANS way, refined with a little shot of EA 80 and a dirty dash of SUPERHELICOPTER, and served with the beauty of failure on an angrily smiling face. Though this may probably seem to be an untypical release for the P. Trash catalog, this one record here has a heart and a soul and every swig of it runs ardently down our dusty throats. And that's the way we like it!

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