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This is some bullshit from this stinky ball of a planet, reeks of this shitty 2020s decade, some crap that only a label like Total Punk would releases, some deranged nurd punk trapped in his attic bedroom and his own skull with guitars and synthesizers and crashing on percussion and yanking out his hair, clautrophiobic and manic and silly with songs about bugs and other junk I can understand what he's saying and I don't really give a rat's ass, this is fucking great, I love this shit, punk spring-loaded and ripped down until it sounds like a real fucking punk record, fucking Total Punk never disappoints and reminds me why I was born on this stinky ball.  -- winch (green noise records)


" EGG PUNK, DEVO-CORE, QUARANTINE PUNK.. whatever the kids are calling it these days this is 12 tracks of bass driven, pop stained, punk agitation...Cherry Cheeks is the work of Orlando resident (recently relocated to  Portland) Kyle Harms. Started in early 2020, CHERRY CHEEKS was born out of countless hours stuck in front of a computer screen with a raging pandemic outside. Kyle put his boredom, boiling over anger, and frustration to work and started a new project. He put out a few bandcamp EPS and limited run tapes that a mutual friend back home turned me onto. He also informed me that there was even better stuff that hadn't yet been released.  I hit Kyle up, he sent me a few tracks, and boy was my friend right.  I'm very proud of this record and am ecstatic to say it is indeed 100% TOTAL PUNK!!!!" released 2021

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