Cheatahs - Mythologies - 2LPs - New LP
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Cheatahs - Mythologies - 2LPs - New LP

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"Mythologies is London quartet Cheatahs' second full-length in as many years, and that doesn't take into account the armload of singles and EPs they've produced since beginning as a solo project of frontman Nathan Hewitt in 2009. The group is still mining the sounds of the early '90s for inspiration (particularly shoegaze and American indie rock bands such as Dinosaur Jr.), but this time out there's a bit more emphasis on atmosphere and texture, with trippy production effects such as backwards vocals on display. There are still plenty of chiming, gliding guitars, but electronics play a bigger role here, with hazy keyboards melting over songs like "Signs to Lorelei." On many songs, vocals recede into the background so that the sonic pyrotechnics can do most of the talking. The taut, Motorik rhythms of Neu! bear an obvious influence on uptempo, breezy songs like "In Flux." On "Hey, Sen," they pit sentimental melodies and lyrics up against gently scorching guitar noise, and "Colorado" begins with fast, driving storms of serrated guitars before clearing out to a drifting, ambient coda. "Su-Pra" bounces between cascading neon synths and gleefully wacked-out guitar abstractions, while riding a wavelike rhythm. On MythologiesCheatahs expand on the surreal, otherworldly aspects of their sound, and seem to take abundant pleasure in wringing sweetness out of caustic, discordant noises." - Paul Simpson


Between their critically acclaimed self-titled debut album and incendiary live shows, Cheatahs proved themselves to be one of the most exciting leftfield guitar bands to come out of the UK in recent years. The London-based band demonstrates their devotion to experimentation even further across their new album Mythologies, leaving behind their debut's hazy, nostalgic world for an ambitious Technicolor universe in which motorik rhythms, garage and ambient punk flow seamlessly into one another. Double album.

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