CC Dust - s/t - LP
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CC Dust - s/t - LP

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From Sorry State:

Debut 12" from this synth-pop project featuring the singer from the great punk band Vexx. I've been seeing people freaking out about this record all over my social media feeds, and with good reason. I can't think of another record in my collection that so effectively combines the simple, pounding aggression of minimal synth like the Normal with such a sophisticated pop sensibility. It's this dynamic that really is at the heart of CC Dust's brilliance... on your first listen you'll just let those beefy 808 rhythms pound you in the face, but as you listen closer these tracks quickly reveal themselves as absolutely brilliant pop songs. It's an aesthetic that Total Control has explored a little bit on their most electronic-oriented tracks like "Paranoid Video" and "Bloody Glass," but CC Dust commit to the sound more fully and add in a healthy dollop of more produced, synth-oriented 80s pop. This one only just came in, but I can already tell that these five songs are going to be coming out of the speakers at the shop quite a lot over the next several weeks.

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