Caballo Tripode - Horror Vacui LP

$ 3.00

NEW. TIC TAC TOTALLY RECORDS. Debut record from Valencia, Spain's obscure Caballo Tripode, a project formed and recorded during a hiatus by Le Jonathan Reilly members about two years ago, and now a fully-functioning band alongside LJR. Caballo Tripode's debut LP is an exercise in contrasting rustic-Spanish-folk & garage rock with deliberately futuristic chaos, time issues, and other various "unexpected choices" of all shapes and colors. A home-spun psychedelic result with a wildness similar to Meercaz's spacey rockscapes. Here we have songs that position themselves on a garage & surf backdrop only to depart right into a much deeper bag of tricks. All this while they've kept one foot down on their romantic sensibilities, regional (Valencia, Spain) vibes and good ole crunchy guitars. So it never floats off into outer space either. Like a fucked up lingering balloon getting blown around in the wind. A very unique and regional take on what "garage" & "surf" record can actually become in a post-garage and surf world that rarely attempts honest re-tooling efforts in their old shops.

Mastered by Bob Weston at Chicago Mastering Service for the listening pleasure of audiophiles from Valencia to Valencia. Pressed on dee-lux mothafuckin 150 gram vinyl at Brooklyn Phono too! Hot shit baby!