Burning Itch - s/t LP

$ 14.00

NEW. TIC TAC TOTALLY RECORDS. Three dudes from Knoxville, TN where the GG Allin runs like the shits and the water is tainted with moonshine piss. Burning Itch are pure, unadulterated punk rock inspired as much by getting fucked up as they are by obscure, KBD-private-press vinyl. S/T is their first LP and does not disappoint...so long as you WANTED a payoff on the promise of their "machine-gun-toting" self-released 7", and the subsequent ragers on both Goodbye Boozy and Leather Bar. Yessir, the boys n girls with a hankering to get drunk to some loud, completely unpretentious punk rock ought to get their rocks off on this bad boy just fine. Recommended pairing: goes great with shooting fireworks off the Smokey Mountains at college students.