Brat Farrar - 2 LP
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Brat Farrar - 2 LP

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Our Melbourne mate BRAT FARRAR is taking a break from being the frontman of DIGGER AND THE PUSSYCATS, KAMIKAZE TRIO and RUSSIAN ROULETTES in order to get a more important job done, namely to give his newborn a welcoming, warm and good start into this world. Nonetheless, his own world still rotates around a sun that unceasingly shoots down hot rays of Garage-Punk. To prevent his world from exploding, Brat recorded these songs with a little help from his current friends fatigue, confusion and dopamine all by himself in his bedroom in the wee hours of the morning. It comes as no surprise that the 11 songs on his second solo record range from the DIGGER styled Garage-Punk sound and juvenile attitude of “I’m dead now““ and “Good by myself“, the driving and melodic WIPERS catchiness of “Nothing there“ and “Off to see the world“, the SPITS-like “You’re a mess“ to the distorted beauty of “Johnny Sparrow“, a song which sounds as if JAY REATARDS’ ghost would have turned the knobs. Interrupting this constellation of stellar exquisiteness Brat takes us into much noisier landscapes on this album. There are drum machines and pumping basslines in “Closing in“ which reminds of BIG BLACK’s “Earth, Atomizer“ era, there are crazy and screeching BUTTHOLE SURFERS vocals in a disturbing sound collage called “Vapour wave“, there is even a 80s style synth-ridden track “Wouldn’t give you up“ and the slow and destroying ballad “No redemption“ at the end, which waves you goodbye from a state of mind far away. No question, BRAT FARRER’s world has changedand. Yet, he remains an all singing and dancing new wave machine with a heart full of noise.
Cover star Alida Vallo (1921 – 2006), an Italian actress who was a sight for the sore eyes of all men back in the day, makes these record an ear- and eye-catcher likewise!

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