Brain Traps - Teen Trash Series III 7"

$ 1.99

"The TEEN TRASH series is back! LO-FI or bust! Teenage angst driven garage PUNK! Four early recordings from 2013 - a spawn of boredom and basement dirt which could be best described as a hornier INFECTIONS, or high on glue METROS, a smarter BUCK BILOXI & FUCKS or a dumber version of the CARBONAS! These scatter bombs were captured live on 4-track and stayed unedited until RIP OFF RECORDS mastering miracle JIM KUCZKOWSKI put his magic hands on it. As "too-hot-to-press" it was aging in our attic until now and here they finally come! The wildest LO-FI R'N'R thing out of the motherland since DEAN DIRG! Strictly limited to 500 copies