Brain Car - Rock & Roll Bologna 7"

$ 2.00

NEW. REEL TIME RECORDS. "One of Rochester NY's youngest groups upon the birthing of the "Rotcore" compilation, BRAIN CAR is now one of the most popular draws within the Rochester area “rock + roll" scene. "Rock + Roll Bologna" ("+" like math, they'd have you know...) is a delicious platter of tightly produced prepubescent punk fist-pumpers, bizarrely reminiscent of your own awkward experiences with the high school jazz band kids. The rhythm section, calling to mind everything from FEAR to the entire mid-sixties Motown catalog, balances perfectly with the hyper-active treble-makers, Viny and Jacob "The Owl" Razor, who can't quite seem to figure out where the solos are supposed to land. Recorded and produced 100% analog on 1/2 inch tape, this record was pressed from 1/4 inch tape masters; BRAIN CAR is ready, willing, and able to rock and roll all night long at your very own BRAIN CAR party." - Reel Time Records. Sorry dudes, we had to throw away the bologna, it was starting to rot!