Bloodtypes, The - Just Your Type LP w/ CD
Bloodtypes, The - Just Your Type – New CD
P Trash Records

Bloodtypes, The - Just Your Type – New CD

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Great stuff - winch (green noise records)
The amazing debut record of Portland's goriest foursome with songs about dangerous nurses, exploding suns and… cats!!!

released May 13, 2012

Recorded, mixed and produced by The Bloodtypes @ Minimum Wage Studios //
Mastered by Tim Stollenwerk @ Stereophonic Mastering

The searing wave-punk phenomenon straight from the heart of the dripping Northwest has a beat you can't live without. Whatever type you are - the Bloodtypes are just your type!

P TRASH RECORDS. This amazing debut is mandatory for all the pale zombies of the now to get a live cell therapy. It doesn't matter if you're the older wave-punk geezer, the younger carnivore of punk or anyone in between. Take these 12 catchy tunes to reanimate your miserable existence or rather stay the way you are, dude. For your regular heartbeat there are a bunch of fast songs, some faster songs to ensure tension and suspense and even one excellently sung ballad to blend in very well with all the highly addictive moments in punk history that'll come to mind - from SIOUXSIE AND THE BANSHEES, X-RAY SPEX, AVENGERS, NEONBABIES, IDEAL in the late 70ies/early 80ies and WIPERS, SONNY VINCENT, THE FASTBACKS, MOST SECRET METHOD in the late 80ies/90ies to the contemporary punk of the 21st century like EPOXIES, BUSY SIGNALS, LOST SOUNDS, ZEBRASSIERES.
THE BLOODTYPES transfer the unbending punk-spirit of all time straight from their heart to yours without any loss of quality.

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