Bloodtypes - Pull The Plug LP

$ 14.00

ACHTUNG! Are you unsure whether to turn your TV on or off? Are you confused about modern love? Not sure whether you should confess your S/M leanings to your conservative grandmother? Are you dealing with a boyfriend drifting in outer space? Should you kill, or should you love the space mutants, who recently showed up on your doorstep?

Fear not, rockers – the incredible Bloodtypes have returned, and they’ve brought you all the answers! On their staggering sophomore album “Pull The Plug”, the PDX-four-piece unapologetically mixes hard-charging punk, synth-driven new-wave, garage, hardcore, dance and even prog elements as only they can! It’s like the Bloodtypes took the best of BLONDIE, BUZZCOCKS, REZILLOS, MINOR THREAT, EPOXIES, and DEAD MOON, stuffed it all in a supercollider, smashed it to a bloody pulp and then condensed the results into 12 sizzling cuts that will leave you both wiser and rocked to your maximum satisfaction!!!

Only fools would fail to buy this record. You’re not a fool, are you?
Well, are you???