Bath Party - s/t LP
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Bath Party - s/t - New LP

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NEW. RESURRECTION RECORDS. Multicolored vinyl. 


"You’d think from the opener, that Bath Party was a Ganges River Surf Rock band. Their psych garage riffs gradually drift into drone raga territory with their echo drenched guitars and spacey synths, all nagchampa, ganja lassi and sunshine. Bath Party should be on your summer tape list. Favorite track: Ba'ath Parade, Movements I, II, & III."

"After a trio of EP's, the band is proud to finally release it's acid-friendly, self-titled debut. Employing a familiar kaleidoscope of swirling guitars, enchanting rhythms, and pop-conscious structures, the album provides an atmospheric environment appropriate for a plethora of spiritual and recreational activities. A fittingly idle listener can expect a sonic journey replete with raga-level space vibrations and explosively fuzzy freak-outs alike. Gentle blues drones swell to crashing highs of Seeds-esque energy and back down again, ad infinitum. It's rock... but more space-y... You could call it space rock but band Hawkwind already stole the name and Bath Party sounds nothing like Hawkwind. As stated before, you can call Bath Party whatever you want, really. Just don't make the mistake of not buying this record as that would be both abusive to your third eye and the stupidest thing you've done since befriending someone named Stardust."

500 Pressed on Black, Green, & Blue Colored Vinyl. + Digital Download.

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