Bad Coyotes - It's Time For Sex Positions With....7"

$ 5.00

NEW. RESURRECTION RECORDS. What do Bad Coyotes sound like? Imagine a bunch of chainsaws playing a garage punk version of Sex Pistols songs and you will have a pretty good idea of what to expect. It's heavy, energetic, and way too British sounding to be from Oakland (but in a good way). The record starts with a couple of unrelentingly vigorous garage punk jammers, fueled by buzzing guitars, a pounding rhythm section, and sing-a-long vocals. Side B1 sounds like a long-lost track from the UK Misfits (No, there was never a UK Misfits), and the last track is an awesome cover of one of the greatest punk songs of all time. This record is would make a great gift for that garage punker that needs just a bit more pogo in their life. (Writeup By Prometheus Wolf)