Something Fierce - Don't Be So Cruel - New CD or New LP
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Something Fierce - Don't Be So Cruel - New CD or New LP

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3rd album and proper Dirtnap debut (after we issued the vinyl version of their incredible, self-released 2nd CD, There Are No Answers in 2009) from Houston, TX upstarts Something Fierce.

If There Are No Answers perfected the Marked Men-meets-The-Buzzcocks brand of snappy poppy punk that the band had been working on since their inception in 2005, Don't Be So Cruel finds 'em rapidly expanding outwards from that sound.

While undeniably influenced by various strands of 70s punk, this record is slightly more subtle and sophisticated than mere 77-revivalists would have it. Slightly nuanced, almost understated at times, vapid party-punk this is most definitely not. Thoughtful, well written, well played songs that strike a perfect balance between fun and smart.

Kinda reminds us of when the original UK bands were just starting to branch out from the punk template, but before the head-on dive into post-punk artiness. More '79 than '77, if you know what we mean.

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