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Taxi Girls – Coming Up Roses [GREEN NOISE EXCLUSIVE WHITE VINYL. IMPORT] – New 12"
Taxi Girls – Coming Up Roses [GREEN NOISE EXCLUSIVE WHITE VINYL. IMPORT] – New 12"
Wild Honey Records

Taxi Girls – Coming Up Roses [GREEN NOISE EXCLUSIVE WHITE VINYL. IMPORT] – New 12"

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Another essential listen from Wild Honey Records, new band featuring Jamie Radu (Pale Lips, owner of Reta Records), Lynn Poulin (Pale Lips)...for fans of..well, Reta Records and Pale Lips!  I guess many people might not know those records, but the time has come to remedy that with this 12" one-sider...I got a big weakness in the knees for this need to ever flip it room for filler...the pressure to make every cut count...pressure to make it so good that once it's done you immediately wanna lift the needle and drop it back on the with this one!...I feel like 1960s bubblegum and such set up this idea that on a 7" the flipside could be radically different than the A-side, which I just love, but I feel with 12" one-siders, maybe artists feel this need to make some variety but also to make it so if you like one of the cuts, you'll probably dig them all!  This one fits that bill, lipsmacker fun full of push and shove, the smack of a lipsticked kiss and the smack of a fist of a knuckle sandwich--you right here, you stay the night, but you over there, you get out my life!  Grab a copy and c'mon get happy. -- winch


Taxi Girls is a high-energy rock trio hailing from Montreal, Canada. Comprised of three talented and fierce ladies - Jamie, Vera and Lynn - this band is quickly making a name for themselves with their unique brand of punk rock that blends the classic sound of the Ramones with the fiery spirit of the Muffs and a dash of Verruca Salt.

Since forming in 2022, Taxi Girls have quickly gained a dedicated fan base with their electrifying live shows and infectious hooks. Their debut EP, "Coming Up Roses," will be released in July of 2023 on Wild Honey Records (vinyl, Europe) and Dirt Cult Records (cassette tape, USA)

releases July 2023

All songs written and performed by Taxi Girls
Jamie Radu - vocals, guitar, bass, back vocals
Vera - vocals, guitar, bass, back vocals
Lynn Poulin - drums, back vocals

Mattlan Wickens - cover graphics and design
photo by Jocelyn Gagné

Ryan Battistuzzi - Recorded mixed and produced at Le Stuzzio in Montreal

Mastered by Ryan Morey


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