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Diesto - Water Blood LP
Eolian Records

Diesto - Water Blood - New LP

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NEW. EOLIAN RECORDS. DIESTO, one of Portland, Oregon's longest running stalwart heavy acts, embodies the city's tumultuous history from uncharted territory to stump town to drug den to beacon for all that is heavy. With well more than a decade of forays into the seedy underbelly of shitty city life and explorations of desert desolation under their belts, DIESTO embarked on a back-breaking expedition headlong into the dense Cascadian wilderness and out to the ancient ocean. On their fifth LP For Water Or Blood the band carves out its own territory in the Pacific Northwest's long tradition of melancholic doom: long, devious deepwoods soundtracks of thunderously heavy dirges, cyclic riffs, escalating duel guitar lines, dramatic shifts, noisy bursts, and evocative laments, for an arduous but adventurous journey into the unknown using the wisdom of the ages. Go west, young man.

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