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Vision 3D – S/T – New LP
Vision 3D – S/T – New LP
Belly Button Records

Vision 3D – S/T – New LP

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GREEN NOISE US EXCLUSIVE!!! Only available in the US through Green Noise Records!!!  Limited copies (in fact currently only four available). 

We just got another box in of this gem!  NOTE: Bottom right corner got creased in route from Belgium.

Screenprinted outer sleeves! Makes this record a bit more expensive but also much swanky-er!
Only 3OO made for worldwide multi-label distribution, only a few copies in the States--all at Green Noise!!!

Green Noise brings one of the LPs that first caught our ear when checking out the Belly Button line, caught it like three-finger Mickey the mechanical rat grabbing your order in a brown paper bag, made us realize that we had to get these Belly Button releases to the States so you Green Noisers could get your filthy hands on them, this 2019 release from this French-Belgium outfit, wonderful vocals (in French!) by bassist Lulu Sabbath, the set grabs you by the collars from the get-go and never let’s go, Lulu spitting about something you don’t know what because you don’t know French but you still know exactly what she’s talking about, get up and bust out the pogo stick and bounce around, up and down from side to side, she’s gonna blow up your balloon just so she can pop it with her hairpin, stomp your foot, and you’ll laugh right back, drum banging and guitar stabs simple as a fork to your belly button, side one is great and flipside is even better, starting with “Fan” and including the mangled Bo Diddley beat of “Faut La Faire”...this shit is great!

If you want to be one of just a few of the statesiders who got this, grab it before it’s gone.

Vision 3D released their first 7"earlier this year on Belly Button vinyl and stole every heart in the audience! After stealing all those hearts they sold them to the dark lord and got some extra money to record this massive garage punk record! Vision 3D is a Walloon-French 3 piece with a vision... Sometimes minimal, french sung garage catchyness with cleanish gnarly guitar strokes and a bottle of beer.
Go see live, they wroack!  Vision 3D is a 3-dimensional Franco-Belgian band, exploring the boundaries of the guitar-bass-drums combination with a clear focus on melodies and energy. Lulu and Ced were previously active in the garage band Thee Marvin Gays, while Calamiti used to drum in the noise-punk trio Maria Goretti Quartet. They decided to join forces to create a new band, with a stripped punk sound, supporting Lulu’s powerful female vocals, sung entirely in French. Expect influences as varied as the Buzzcocks and the Slits, with raw guitar riffs that will definitely make you want to “pogo-pogo” like there's no tomorrow. Their first record, containing 9 songs illustrating their trademark sound.

released September 13, 2019

Batterie : Calamiti
Guitare : Ced
Basse / Voix : Lulu Sabbath
Morceaux écrits et composés par Vision 3D
Paroles : Lulu Sabbath
Enregistré et mixé au studio Swampland Toulouse par Lo Spider
Artwork : Sean C. Jackson (NYC)
Sérigraphie : Legno
300 copies
Six Tonnes De Chair Records
Une coproduction Six Tonnes De Chair / Belly Button / Wake In Fright

co-released with the legendary: Six Tonnes Du Chair records
Artwork by: Sean Jackson
Recorded by Lo-Spider at Swampland

released September 13, 2019

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