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Screaming Females - Chalk Tape - New LP
Screaming Females - Chalk Tape - New LP
Don Giovanni Records

Screaming Females - Chalk Tape - New LP

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I don't think I've listened to all of this band's output, but this has some of my favorite songs from this band if I can remember right...basement indie pop rock...their own brand of acid punk rock...the manic wrecking-ball rock of "Wrecking Ball."  The descriptors maybe should be left to someone else or left alone altogether, but this makes me want to revisit everything else they've done.  This helps clear the smog from the bridge that connects late 80s/1990s rock back to the acid rock of the late 1960s and the progressive folk rock of the UK from the same era.  This also captures the beauty and benefit of capturing songs and recording them without pause or cause for taking time to get it wrong.  -- winch (green noise)

Available during limited pre-orders on Don Giovanni Records webstore and at select indie record stores. Limited to 700 copies.  

Pitchfork called Chalk Tape “some of the hookiest, most melodic songs Screaming Females have ever recorded” in their original review of the EP.

Initially released in a limited run of just 100 cassette copies, Chalk Tape was available and sold at only one show (at which it sold out immediately) in 2013, which was the first show back for the band after a six-month hiatus from touring and performing. It has not been available in any physical format since then.

The EP’s genesis came after an extended period of touring inactivity while guitarist/vocalist Marissa Paternoster was recovering from a severe illness. The band worked on the seven songs that would make up Chalk Tape as a writing and collaboration exercise to keep creative energy fresh, following up 2012’s Steve Albini produced 2xLP Ugly.

Chalk Tape has existed outside the official canon of Screaming Females’ catalog since its release, though it is a unique document of a band concurrently writing, recording, and performing in real-time and capturing of their songs as they were being created.

Recorded by Screaming Females
Artwork by Marissa Paternoster

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