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Culture of Killing, A - S/T [IMPORT] – New LP
Drunken Sailor Records

Culture of Killing, A - S/T [IMPORT] – New LP

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PREORDER for A Culture of Killing - The Feast Of Vultures, The Cry of a Dove, the latest from Drunken Sailor Records (UK) available now on the Green Noise webstore!!!  Shipping early December--in a week or two. The second album from a Culture of Killing!!!  Drunken Sailor released their (originally cassette-only) debut on vinyl earlier this year, and it sold out quickly.  If you didn't get that, grap this one. Thanks again to Drunken Sailor Records for sending Green Noise copies so you folks could get yours in the States (without having to pay all the shipping costs in the era of COVID) and thanks to this Italian band for fighting the fight and making the music on this album, blending 1980s ingredients of likely influences such as the Cure, Crass, and the Clash, elements of the influences mashed under mortar and pestle.  As the title suggests, anarcho peace punk focusing on the contrasts of light and darkness, hurt and help, the dark tone of the lead vocals contrasted and/or echoed with a female voice, the bassline the heartbeat that keeps it moving like a tight procession, the drums keeping it stepping forward, guitars chipping away like stone on flint, sparking in the dark, coming from the darkness but moonlight shining on a dove released into the night, the moonlight sparking on a steel shank freshly sharpened out of the necessity of the times, time taken to make sure it's sharp enough to pierce thick skin, and rough enough so you feel it. -- winch (green noise)


A1 Walls
A2 I Wonder Why
A3 Take Me Away
A4 Dancing
B1 War
B2 We Can Never Go Back
B3 Mirror Breaks
Written-By – The Mob (3)
B4 Was It Worth It?


  • Lyrics By, Artwork  Luca Contenti


Black vinyl edition of 200 copies. Issued with a large square lyrics insert.

Recorded winter 2017/2018.
Originally released on tape, now mastered by Daniel/ North London Bomb Factory Mastering.

Very little information exists about Italian anarcho-punks A Culture Of Killing. Like many of their forebears, they evidently eschew communication via mainstream press or corporate-owned social media.
So I guess it’s on me to tell ya that their latest release is a long-overdue vinyl press of their 2017 self-titled cassette, and it absolutely slays.
OK, it’s not immediately obvious as anarcho - you won’t find the teeth-rattling rhythms of early Crass or Flux Of Pink Indians on any of the eight tracks here. Sonically the territory the occupy is somewhere between the gothed-out territory marked out by The Cure and Siouxsie, and the more mournful but recognisably punk tones of The Mob (in fact, they even cover that band’s Mirror Breaks and firmly put their own stamp on it).
This screams early 1980s - a time presided over by right-wing politicians, with the shadows of recession and poverty hanging ominously over proceedings… hey, that sounds familiar… Unsurprisingly for a bunch of anarchists, ACOK are about far more than the mere sound of the music. They rail against the state of the world - and sure, these songs are from 2017, but it can’t have escaped your notice that things ain’t improved too much. That’s why we need soundtracks like this, helping us make sense of the mess we’re inhabiting thanks to the shitbags in power. If that sounds simplistic, their worldview is most assuredly not. For now though, it’s clear what we have to do: ENGAGE, for fuck’s sake.
And that starts right here, with a record that’s dark, entrancing, exhilarating and… ah hey, I’m going there: IMPORTANT. Press play and thrill forever. Anyone who doesn’t is a fucking cop.
Will Fitzpatrick.

First 100 on Transparent Red


released May 29, 2020


all rights reserved



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