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Ergs, The – Time and the Season – New 7"
Dirtnap Records

Ergs, The – Time and the Season – New 7"

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Four songs crammed into one 7", each side opening with an original and closing with a cover, both covers resurrected from the 1960s, "Say You're Sorry," originally the last song on the first album by The Remains (Boston), faithful to the original intent of ripping into it with the urgency that surfaced in 1966 (insanely important year when bands pulled the slack and claimed back the raw power and abandonment before it got clogged up with excess, intent and ego, 1966 remaining as a reminder for Detroit 1969, Cleveland 1974, East Coast 1975, UK 1976, and so many other moments in the history of punk rock), the Ergs notching up the tempo and blasting into it Ergs style, and much of the same can be said of the Zombies' cover that closes the set, taking the much more familiar 1960s song, retaining much of the original intent while clearly yanking it through the 1990s into the 21st century and making it their own, the other two songs originals to add to your collection of Ergs' favorites.   -- winch (green noise)

They’re back! While technically The Ergs broke up following their breakthrough LP Upstairs/Downstairs, released on Dirtnap way back in 2007 (!) they never fully went away. The band would pop up occasionally to play a benefit reunion show, and even released a new 7” on Whoah Oh Records in 2016.  After nearly 5 years of silence, the band resurfaces AGAIN with a brand new 7” for Dirtnap! (as well as a new 7” on Wallride Records) This 7” features 2 new originals, and 2 covers, and is exactly what one would expect from a band of this caliber. It’s a cliché to say, but it’s really like they never went away. The Ergs will continue to be active in 2022, including an appearance at the Dirtnap Records 22 year anniversary show in June. This 7” is a one time only pressing of 500, so get it while you can, and let’s hope for more new music to follow!First new release in 5 yearsComes with download couponTouring in 2022Members went on to Night Birds, Psyched To Die, Mikey Erg (solo), Black Wine, and so many more


Artist:The ErgsTitle:Time And The SeasonStreet Date: 1/21/22Catalog Number: ZZZ-164Format: 7”/digitalTrack List:1.      Ultimate Falsetto Book2.      Say You’re Sorry3.      Half Empty Strip Mall4.      Time And The Season

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