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Neighborhood Brats - Confines of Life [DELUXE PACKAGE!] – New LP
Neighborhood Brats - Confines of Life [DELUXE PACKAGE!] – New LP
Neighborhood Brats - Confines of Life [DELUXE PACKAGE!] – New LP
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Neighborhood Brats - Confines of Life [DELUXE PACKAGE!] – New LP

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Includes blue marbled (blue with red swirls) vinyl Green Noise-exclusive variation, an extra sleeve of the album, and a poster (folded in half) and a large-size shirt!


On Confines of Life, the third studio album from California punk band Neighborhood Brats, the band dives head-first into songs about environmental crisis, systemic oppression, interpersonal/intrapersonal conflict, and the trappings of modern existence. Following blueprints of ‘77 punk, ‘80s hardcore and elements of post-punk, the diverse songwriting influences of vocalist Jenny Angelillo and guitarist George Rager are showcased throughout, putting the band in their element, while expanding on their original concept.

Recorded in February and March 2020 at Station House studio with Grammy Award-winning producer/engineer Mark Rains, the band had barely finished production when Los Angeles went into its initial shutdown in response to the incoming pandemic. Multiple 2020 tours were subsequently canceled as the music industry, and life in general, came to a standstill.

As live music faces challenges unlike any other in modern existence, the band looks forward to a time when they can safely return to the road. With Nick Aguilar (drums) and Mike West (bass), Neighborhood Brats stands at-the-ready. As their song goes... “We’ll Find You.”

Song credits

Rain - Rager/Angelillo

Signs - Rager/Angelillo/Aguilar

Miss America - Rager/Angelillo

FFBF - Rager/Angelillo

Transitional Housing - Rager

We’ll Find - Rager/Angelillo/Aguilar

Harvey - Rager/Angelillo

Nazis - Rager/Aguilar

Weep - Rager

Migraines - Rager/Angelillo/Aguilar

LeBron - Rager

I Want - Jett/Cordell/Laguna

Neighborhood Brats:

Jenny Angelillo - vocals

George Rager - guitar, vocals

Nick Aguilar - drums

Mike West - bass

Percussion: Mark Rains

Organ: George Rager

Recorded in February and March 2020 at Station House studio in Los Angeles, CA

Produced by Marks Rains and George Rager

Mastered by Dan Randall at Mammoth Sound Mastering

Album art and layout by Andy Dahlström 

Hand lettering and collage by Jenny 

Thank you - Michl Krenner, Chris Mason, Brian Gorsegner, Mark Rains, Dan Randall, Andy Dahlström, Adam from Ignite Hospitality, Paddy Costello, Martin Slovak, Adolescents, Subhumans UK, all our friends, families and partners, everyone who came to our shows and friends who put us up on the road...RIP Mario and Darkness. 

We wrote this record coming off the busiest year in the band’s history. Mark and I were wrapping cables when LA shut down. Jenny and I said goodbye outside, as we realized that our tours would most likely be getting canceled. 

This album is for everyone. 

-George Rager, January 2021

No Racism No Sexism No Homophobia No Transphobia No Xenophobia Fuck Fascism Fuck the Patriachy Fuck Closeted Mysogy in the Punk Scene.

Track Listing

Side A

1. Who Took the Rain

2. Signs and Semantics

3. Miss America Pageant


5. Transitional Housing

6. We’ll Find You

Side B

1. Harvey Weinstein (is a symptom)

2. All Nazis Must Die

3. I Weep for the Future

4. Migraines

5. LeBron James

6. I Want You 

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