Futuro - Habitos Ruins - New LP
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Futuro - Habitos Ruins - New LP

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Futuro (previously known as B.U.S.H.) is an absolute ripper of a band from São Paulo, Brazil. When the when the band's original singer Kalota left the band, he suggested they try a female lead. Less than a year later, Mila made her debut on vocals, and Futuro returned reinvigorated, already releasing a new EP, contributing to compilations and releasing, this, their debut LP.

Futuro has a long history of playing music together and they've shown a willingness to both stretch out and experiment and still deliver peals of thrashing punk. In the band's previous incarnation as B.U.S.H. they took elements of post-punk, sixties garage rock and 80s hardcore weaving the history of underground rock's history into a new whole. This synthesis lead to some interesting tone changes often within the same song (check out New American Century's “Nao Sou Skate Punk” as it shifts from a blistering skate punk jam into a sustained psyche jam freak out before morphing back on itself). This experimentation slowed a bit as the band found its sound, content to incorporate these disparate elements directly into songs. Vocals and instruments mesh as the entire band starts and stops before making violent turns in new directions, no member once losing place.

Split release with Nada Nada Discos from Brazil

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