Basement Benders - Shrapnel Songs - New LP
Dead Broke Records

Basement Benders - Shrapnel Songs - New LP

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2018 Sophomore album from Chattanooga, TN punk region rock band featuring members of Future Virgins, This Bike Is A Pipe Bomb, Hidden Spots, Jack Palance Band, Black Rainbow & more. Follow up to their "Lydiad" LP in 2015 on No Idea, and the bands' best stuff to date. Scrappy yet melodically beautiful pop-punk, churning with honest anthems from DIY veteran punkers. Recorded by Jerri Queen & John Hoffman of VACATION. (LP Comes w/ Download) 400 Black vinyl.


Artist Biography by Chattanooga-based punkers Basement Benders channel each member's previous bands into a whirlwind of urgent and upfront punk rock. Formed from the ashes of Dark Rides, vocalist/guitarist Buddha (aka Brian D. Bush), guitarist Ashley Krey, and drummer Morgan Stickrod, drafted in Krey's partner and This Bike Is a Pipe Bomb member Terry Johnson on bass. Although each member had a rich history of playing in local punk bands -- including Hidden Spots, Drug Czars, Sharp Knife, Tulsa, Future Virgins, and more -- the band didn't just rehash their old sound. The urgent mix of melodic punk rock, which recalled bands such as Jawbreaker, Leatherface, and Face to Face, soon caught the ear of American punk label No Idea. With each member focusing on other projects, it wouldn't be until 2018 that Basement Benders' second album would see the light of day. Shrapnel Songs, which was released on Dead Broke, appeared at the end of the year."

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