1994: – S/T – Used
1994: – S/T – Used

1994: – S/T – Used

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Female-fronted hard rock.  Just because it's a 70s' outfit featuring a female vocalist, that doesn't mean you have to compare this to Heart, but it's hard not to avoid that comparison, with vocalist Karen Lawrence (previously with L.A. Jets) sounding a lot like Ann Wilson, and the delivery obviously trying to show that they know what they are doing and they will be doing some hard rock (instead of the chicken rock--that was still called hard rock by the bands--that was so popular at this time).  They were obviously trying to make an impact with a strong bottom and lots of electric guitar licks, but even though they seem to have it down, there seems to some glue missing to hold all the elements together tightly.  And this lacked that one song waiting for the FM radio rotation.  (But I love the look into the future with the name of the band, and the colon was weird and funny, and I love the graphic on the inner sleeve. )  

They seem a bit headed toward the 1980s, but mostly this is the 1970s, with Karen's vocals occasionally going back to her roots as a 13-year old singer in a blues band--which I assume rose in the wake of Janis Joplin. They would release only one more album (1979) which would clearly show off Karen's sex appeal.  She's beautiful without a doubt, but I have to appreciate that at least on this album, the focus was on the music rather than the skintight spandex.

Karen co-wrote all the songs.

If you have a huge weakness for obscure 70s hard rock with female vocals, this is worth grabbing. 


"1994 was a group formed by throaty singer Karen Lawrence in 1978, after she left the L.A. Jets. The same year, Lawrence composed "Prisoner (Love Theme From the 'Eyes of Laura Mars')," immortalized by Barbra Streisand. Lawrence also backed Aerosmith on Draw the Line. Guitarist Brad Whitford tagged along for 1994's self-titled inaugural, helping out on one track, "Heleana." Acclaimed Aerosmith producer Jack Douglas was also in tow. He helmed the entire debut, as well as the 1979 follow-up, Please Stand By. Lawrence went on to dabble in new wave as Karen Lawrence and the Pinz, and then backed Graham Parker. Douglas also produced Lawrence's '90s band, Blue By Nature, which included Rick DuFray, another (albeit momentarily) Aerosmith axeman. At the turn of the century, Lawrence lent her powerful pipes to Slash's Snakepit on Ain't Life Grand, yet another Douglas production." - Allmusic

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