Various Artists - Galax 73 - Used
Tennvale Records

Various Artists - Galax 73 - Used

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***** good shit.  Chuck all your Grateful Dead albums, and get this here album, nonstop picking, fiddling and singing, a complete joy from go to whoa, one of the greatest albums that white folks recorded in 1973. -- winch (green noise records)

PS: I bought a bunch of back stock from this dinky Alabama label from the 1970s.  They apparently only released a few albums, but they are all really good, and this one is by far the best.  Galax is a town in southern Virginia, home of the world's oldest and largest Old Fiddlers' Convention (since 1935), still around these days, still going down in early August.

"At 4:30 AM Thursday, August 9, 1973...we began our pilgrimage to Galax...In regards to Hippies—I saw none! There were a great number of long-haired young folks, with beards, bare feet and blue jeans, but they too came to make music...Some of the very best music makin' came from these young kids...None of the selections on this album were recorded at the actual competition...The selections here recorded in the August the dark of night, at the break of dawn, in cattle stales, on tailgates, standing in mud puddles, all in Galax's Felts Park...Tennvale employed a pair of Martians to do the recording." Jim Weaver (from booklet, which includes recipes on the back)


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