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Bobby Joe Ebola And The Children Macnuggits - Trainwreck To Narn
Dirt Cult Records

Bobby Joe Ebola And The Children Macnuggits - Trainwreck To Narnia – New LP

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NEW. DIRT CULT RECORDS. When nightly news outpaces political satire, when death and despair are merely filler between ads for erection pills, the world is ready for Bobby Joe Ebola and the Children MacNuggits. The mutant offspring of poisonous pop culture, truth-to-power punk rock and button-pushing standup comedy, guitarist Dan Abbott and vocalist Corbett Redford watch from the deck of civilization’s sinking ship and laugh.

The band began in 1995 as an acoustic duo, becoming unlikely antiheroes in the DIY underground with raw social satire, catchy-as-heck melodies and high-energy performances. After nearly a decade hiatus, the band reformed in 2009, joined by a rhythm section consisting of bassist Sean McTiernan and drummer Josh Wharton (both of Mystic Knights of the Cobra), and second guitarist Craig Billmeier (guitarist for Love Songs, Conquest For Death, What Happens Next?, and also known as internationally renowned air guitarist Hot Lixx Hulahan). Since then, the band has toured and recorded relentlessly, with a catalogue of releases and music videos unheard of for an independent act. Difficult to categorize, awkward on a flyer, and impossible to forget, the pretty songs about terrible thingsof Bobby Joe Ebola have become the soundtrack of the “Great Recession & civilization's Slow Apocalypse. The band continues to make appearances both as the traditional acoustic duo and with with the full band lineup

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