Something Fierce/Occult Detective Club - BLACK VINYL 10"
Dirtnap Records

Something Fierce/Occult Detective Club - 10"

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NEW. DIRTNAP RECORDS. Dirtnap Records returns to our favorite regional talent pool
(TEXAS!) to unleash this limited edition split 10" (only the 2nd in
Dirtnap history) released to commemorate Something Fierce and Occult
Detective Club's joint 2012 tour!

Something Fierce (Houston, TX), one of the leading lights on the
label's current roster, return with their 3rd release for Dirtnap. 3
more catchy, addictive, well-written, well-played mid-tempo punk/pop
jams. If there is one thing you can count on with Something Fierce,
it's that they don't make the same record twice. And while the songs
here are not a million miles removed from last year's Don't Be So
Cruel LP, it would seem like they are moving away from some of their
more obvious 77-79 era punk influences, and rapidly adopting a more
distinctive songwriting style.

Occult Detective Club (Denton, TX) started as a one man recording
project, and has morphed into a full band lineup, with past and
present members of Maaster Gaiden, ANS, Stymie, and lots more. We're
borrowing them from Alive/Bomp Records (who put out their stunning
Crimes LP a couple of years ago) for this release, but they fit
right in on our roster as well, and are a prime example of "that
Denton sound" circa 2012. Fast, choppy, nervous riffs. Super catchy,
short-but-well-thought-out-songs with good lyrics.

This record is a one time only pressing of 1000 and comes with a
download card. Look for an all-new Something Fierce LP on Dirtnap in

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